6 Tips for Buying the Perfect Athletic Shoe

Spring is finally here in Utah, and most of you probably have the same idea – time to get rid of that holiday weight and hit the great outdoors.

Before donning those worn-out sneakers from the back of the closet, take a good look at them. In some situations, shoes that have been through the mill could actually do more damage than good to your feet. Here are a 6 tips for finding a good workout shoe:

  1. Understand what kind of feet you have. Flat feet and high arches have different shoe needs than normal feet.
  2. Bring the type of socks you use to workout in when you go shoe shopping. Trying on shoes with those handy disposable thin socks will not do you any good once you put the shoes in action.
  3. Do some exercises in the store while trying on shoes. You’ll notice right away what you’re feet are comfortable with.
  4. Learn about the different types of shoes for different types of workouts. Wearing basketball shoes when your primary exercise is running isn’t good for your feet or the shoe. Take a look at this article for more ideas.
  5. Depending on how often you use them, your workout shoes should be replaced 1-3 times a year.
  6. Wear your new shoes around town for a few days before subjecting them to an intense workout. Slowly acclimate your feet to the new shoes to avoid possible injury.

Remember, healthy feet are happy feet. Normal exercise is good for your entire body and it’s important to maintain good circulation in your feet while working out.